Learning to live a healthier life

Last Friday I had my gallbladder taken out so I’m sorry for being MIA the past week or so but I loved reading all your comments about your own similar experiences. One good thing that has come from this craziness is that my blood work from the ER showed that my HDL cholesterol is really low and I have some hereditary cholesterol issues, that we most likely would never have known about until it was too late, so the gallbladder attack was a blessing in disguise. Now naturally it’s not been all roses, recovery has been a little slow and all of the dietary changes have been a struggle for me..and I mean STRUGGLE. No more red meat, no more dairy, no more fatty or fried foods, no more alcohol..say it ain’t so! However, like all parents I want to be around for as long as possible and if these are the changes I need to stick to then damn right I’m going to do it; I know as I adjust everything will become so much easier. The lesson of this post is you may control your health by eating pretty well and exercising, but some things just happen and can go undetected so get check ups when you can, check your blood work every so often and try to be the healthiest version of yourself by taking preventative measures. Now on a lighter note, Sean our toothless wonder, is almost 9 months and is one crazy kid, but he’s definitely the best motivation I could ask for. While being stuck in the house with him has been entertaining, I decided to try to walk a bit today to start getting back out into the world, and although I didn’t last long it felt good to be outside and get some fresh summer air. How are you guys spending your weekends this summer, anything fun??   


5 thoughts on “Learning to live a healthier life

  1. I love going on a nice walk- it can be soo energizing yet relaxing πŸ™‚ I’m trying to get out as much as I can on the weekends. I live in Boston so I’ve been trying to go to lake houses and beach houses as much as I can on the weekends!


  2. Sugar is a neurotoxin. Look on YouTube for Robert lustig’s video. Make sure to eliminate it, too. I didn’t see it on your list. Milk and lack of sun has been cited as causing multiple sclerosis. I left the sunscreen off the kids if we are outside less than 45 minutes. Paleo diet is truly the best idea! I hope you can do it! Lord knows I don’t have a lot of willpower either!


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