Balancing life at the moment

Is something I’m having a hard time doing. Between the baby teething, having a working husband, trying to stay on a healthy diet and just being a 26 year old woman trying to maintain balance in her love life, her mom life, family life and friend life, can be more difficult at times than others. I’ve been realizing as each month goes by how important it is to let people help more than I have been: in my head I take care of my little human better than anyone else. When my husband gets a day off here and there I always take advantage of it and go shopping, do lunch or even go out for happy hour with friends..but those days are so far and few between that I’m starting to realize we as parents not only deserve some more quality time to ourselves, but we NEED it. Summer means more family events and they have already started, which is great but can be so hectic with a baby and so many family members it’s hard to please everyone. I’m learning to say no to people when I need to as hard as it is for me, because a stressed environment or a stressed parent solves nothing. This isn’t an easy job but there are some awesome kids out in the world so we must be doing alright. How do you guys maintain balance in so many aspects of your life?    


2 thoughts on “Balancing life at the moment

  1. I am past the parent stage. I am a grandmother and I find it worse with my grandson than my own children. I babysit and worry myself silly that something will happen. I was pretty laid back when they were younger. I was 21 with my first child and 30 with the last. The last was the worse. I stood by his crib most of the night to make sure he was breathing and he wanted to eat every half hour. I didn’t get much sleep. Then he was the one I had to worry about the police arriving at my door for stupid things. The girls were fine. If he was my first I may not have had another one 🙂

    It does get easier as time goes on.


  2. I achieve balance by trying to simplify where I can. Focusing on what’s actually important and as bad as it sounds making time for those who are good for me and my family. If someone stresses you out then that energy isn’t productive.


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