Forever a teenager

Yes we may be parents, but we’re still us and for me I still feel like a 20 year old in my heart. There are few things I love to do more than go to a concert and last night I went to my third (yes,third) NKOTB concert with Nelly and TLC. Now if you don’t know what NKOTB stands for a) you’re at least 10 years younger than me b) google it. I have been obsessed with Nelly since his first album came out when I was 12 years old so needless to say I freaked out a bit, and he brought the stadium down it was amazing. My mom was supposed to join me but due to unforeseen circumstances she couldn’t, so my wonderful, amazing,loving husband (he’ll read this, hence I’m laying it on pretty thick) went with me and guess what, he actually liked it! It was his first concert that wasn’t a rock concert so he was in for a whole new experience. At least once a month we try to do something just us two and hold onto the excitement that drew us together and a chance to de-stress from the work and baby life. Even though I have a son I hope he loves music as much as I do and I can be the embarrassing parents asking to go to concerts with him too.  


5 thoughts on “Forever a teenager

  1. I remember saving my allowance for two months just so I could buy the Hangin Tough cassette tape lol(I got a dollar a week for allowance)…and my parents took me to their concert. It was


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