Weekend update with Chrissy McD

Holy cow guys, did we have a long, fun and crazy weekend. We took the lil human on his first road trip, which needless to say had its ups and downs. About 25 minutes outside of our destination, we took a wrong turn and all I have to say is thank the lord for Google maps, am I right?!  Without it we would probably still be trying to find our way. The lil guy was so upset because he was hungry so in the dark we pulled over on the random road and I went in the back to feed him while my husband tried to multitask driving and direction duty. We finally made it to Carmel where my family has a vacation home. I think one of my favorite parts of having a baby is seeing how much joy he brings my parents, they were like pigs in shit (excuse my language) to be with him all weekend. We did some exploring Saturday and had a delicious dinner with wine flowing and a gorgeous sunset to end the day. The hubs and I had our first Sunday wedding and drove back home Monday morning only to discover that our dog got fleas from another dog…Welcome Home!!! Ug, needless to say coming home immediately jerked us out of vacation mode but I just keep thinking about next weekend and what it will be like to experience my first Mother’s Day as not only a daughter, but now a mom too. Does anyone have exciting Mother’s Day plans? I’d love to hear about them!  


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