Oh what a weekend

This mama had one fun weekend. On Friday the hub took on baby duty and I went out for a night of music and dancing with a few of my girlfriends, which made me beyond happy to let loose, check in and have some quality time. I woke up Saturday exhausted but had to get up and go, we were getting ready for our first Giants game of the season and the first ring ceremony we’ve ever been to, it was incredible. The ballpark was packed like I’ve never seen it before but we managed to each get our own free replica World Series ring. Once in our seats with some snacks and soda, I looked up to see men parachuting down to the field with the Tiffany’s rings for all of the players, it was awesome! The boys won the game with our good luck there, but I couldn’t wait to get to my parents house to pick up the lil human. It’s funny how when I know I’ll be having a few hours away from him I think it’ll be a nice break, but then when I’m without him (which is pretty rare as a stay-at-hom mom) all I want is him with me! I think I need to keep that in mind when I’m exhausted or he’s having a tantrum, won’t sleep and so on. Did any of you have a fun adventure this weekend?


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