The stay-at-home mom blues, womp womp

Well today was one of those days. The teething monster struck again last night and needless to say I was running on E all day; hence my woe is me mood (I swear I’m usually a ray of sunshine…well, most the time…sort of.) A little background, my husband and I are 26 and 27, which these days seems to be considered young for parents, which is further emphasized by the fact that I only have 2 friends who have babies, and of course they both live several hours away, making play dates pretty far and few between. Being a stay-at-home mom, I love being able to spend so much time with the lil human and take him with me wherever I go, but today I have to admit, I felt lonely. I’m lucky to have a husband who gets Monday’s off and is out of work by 5 but during the day I’ve been realizing I desperately need other mommy friends nearby; to brunch with, to commiserate with, to laugh with and to be a sounding board for one another. I love my best friends who don’t have babies and see them a lot, which makes me a lucky gal, but I think it’s safe to say as parents we do need other parents to relate to and assure one another that we’re not completely crazy, we’re simply parents. As lil human gets older and we get involved with parents groups I know I’ll look back on this and laugh, but I also find comfort in talking to all of you and reading your parenting blogs as well. I consider myself a very social person, so when I find myself spending some days mostly in the house, whether it’s due to chores or the baby needing help with teething, etc., I do get a little stir crazy sometimes. One think I know for sure, becoming a mom has greatly changed the way I view my parents; not only was I a crazy baby but as a child I was a crazy tomboy always getting into something..God bless those parents of mine! Do you have a lot of parent friends and if so have they always been your friends or did you meet them at baby related events?  


2 thoughts on “The stay-at-home mom blues, womp womp

  1. I think it’s easier to make new friends once you have a baby, because you have these little people in common. Definitely branch out & see if there’s some mothers groups in your area with kids within a month of yours so you’ll be able to trade stories & sympathise with each other’s lack of sleep (from time to time). Being an at home parent can be challenging if your a social person so try to have some set activities for each week day 😉 I know this helped for me.


  2. Best of luck finding someone lovely to play date with, I hope you find someone close. My best friend and I were able to stay really close when she first made a human because as an older sister to 5 younger siblings (the youngest 16 years younger than me) I was pretty baby proof. Me knowing a bit about tiny humans was key in us staying friends because she experienced the same kind of feelings of isolation and loneliness. Thanks for sharing your fears, it’s brave, hopefully it will help for find someone too.


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