Who needs sleep anyway?

Oh yeah…we all do!! Last night was one of those nights that I seemingly forgot I have to wake up early every morning. One of my favorite shows was on and I just HAD to watch it before bed, heaven forbid I watched it today because of course I have it recorded. After the show was over I couldn’t get to sleep and watched the clock up until 1 am, with Sean having a missing binky emergency at 6…lord help me. Of course the one night I overdo it is followed by an incredibly fussy baby day who is refusing to nap. Every little thing sets me off and is the most annoying thing in the entire world, but I have no one to blame but my silly, staying up late, self. Lesson learned world, lesson learned. They always say to sleep when your baby sleeps, which come on..during the day that’s not always possible. But at night, we better damn sleep if we can! Granted as a 5.5 month old this little human sleeps much better than when he was a newborn, but I am quickly starting to forget what it’s like to get a full night sleep and not having a cute little alarm every morning. I thought for my first Mother’s Day next month that I didn’t want any gifts because being a mom is enough, well I take that back: one night of sleeping in until I wake up, please and thank you!

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