A breath of fresh air (literally)

Sometimes you just need to get out of the damn house and have some fun! Granted we get outside at least once every day but making a day out of it feels like such a big deal nowadays, probably because once you’re a parent, it is. Sometimes I forget how awesome this city is and how much there is to do, and even though we went places today that we’ve been to a million times today, it’s so different when you experience it for the first time with your lil human. We started with lunch at one of our favorite places and ended by the beach. Sean was born the morning that the Giants won the World Series last Fall so naturally my husband wanted him in his Giants hat for his first beach trip (don’t tell him it’s still too big for him.) Although the beach was windy and a tad cold (welcome to San Francisco), it was a beautiful day, aside from the temper tantrum while sitting in traffic on the way home…can’t husbands be a pain sometimes?


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