Navigating from party girl to momhood

Alright I’ll admit it, I wasn’t always this mature, put-together and organized (HA!), but the transition to adult and motherhood hasn’t always been that easy. When I was in college I was definitely the one going out Thursday-Saturday with my friends, binge-eating breakfast burritos and spending way too much money on new clothes because I simply “didn’t have anything to wear” for the next big party. Even when I settled down with my fiancé we still loved to go out on the town with our friends and stay out until all hours..then those two pink lines appeared. It was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I was going to be a mom and things weren’t going to be on my schedule anymore; although I was thrilled, I missed being able to go out and be one of the gang so to say. Sean keeps me ridiculously busy as I’m sure you all can relate to, but I still have the urge in me to go out when I see my friends checking in to my favorite spots on Facebook or posting pictures of their pre-gaming rituals, but I’ve learned it’s all about balance. I look at it like eating your favorite junk food, all in moderation. Now when I go out with friends for drinks or a rare girls night, I appreciate it so much more and cherish the moment while keeping a head on my shoulders..which needless to say wasn’t always the case prior to becoming a mom. I’m 26 and still feel about 21 in my head, which is why I think getting out now and then is healthy and allows us to let loose, if even for a few hours. One thing I love most about going out is dancing, so my husband bought me a dance game for his gaming system and I’ve started playing that with him and my son dancing along, its a great way to include an activity I love into the family dynamic. What do you guys do for fun and how has that changed since baby? 


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