Those Pesky Pregnancy Pounds

I must admit, getting back in shape after baby is a lot harder than I expected…the movies lie to us. Unlike before Sean’s arrival, I don’t always have that extra hour to set aside for the gym each day. While I go on a walk with the baby and dog every day, it isn’t enough to get off these last pregnancy pounds, so I thought about things I can do to get some cardio in around the house. I found these quick exercises to be effective and easy to do in the space provided.

* Chair Reps -Standing in front of your chair, feet hip-distance apart, chest forward, bend your knees and start to sit but don’t actually let your tush hit the chair, then stand back up, not abruptly but don’t lollygag either. I prefer 10-15 reps at a time, start with this then gradually do more and more.

* Chair extensions – Similar to the chair reps, stand in front of your chair with feet hip-distance apart, place weight on your right foot and extend your left leg behind you, life and lower foot, again 10-15 reps. This is a great butt workout and excellent for balance too.

* The 5 minute circuit – This is great for a quick cardio burst and can be repeated several times for a more effective workout. Start with 1 minute of lunges, transition into 1 minute of high knees, 1 minute of jumping jacks, 1 minute of front kicks and end with 1 minute of running in place.

* Something I’ve found to be helpful is including my husband in workouts, we take the baby to the water and walk along the trail or go to the gym together when time permits etc., it makes the workout more fun and seem like less of a chore.

I find that our society places too much emphasis on “bouncing back” to our pre-baby figures when that might never happen; what’s important is how we feel and our health, so as long as I feel good about myself and know that I am making better choices for myself and my family, I couldn’t care less if I’m ever a size 4, if we feel amazing, we damn sure look amazing.

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